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Nadine has moved to Raglan and will be looking to offer Yoga workshops and retreats.
Please check back soon or visit the Facebook page for latest news

Yoga at the BeachOur yoga classes are a mix of traditional yoga and other influences. Yoga being far more than a physical practice, we tend to focus on the more philosophical aspect of yoga and how yoga can help you achieve a better or truer  version of yourself that is balanced in body, mind, emotion and spirituality.

The style is more of a Hatha style of yoga. We vary between holding postures and flowing from one to the next, creating a sense a balance in the body and the mind. All classes are sequenced so all parts of the body are moved, ,energy is being circulated and  paying particular attention to the spine. Because our classes are small, we can really look after our students and guide them towards a deeper sense of wellbeing. The classes are generally divided in three parts, postures, breathing and meditation and guided relaxation. The principles of yoga are taught in class, helping students get a bigger picture of living a more mindful life, honouring their bodies and teaching them to steady their mind. We are passionate teachers whose intention it to share yoga and their life transforming benefits with you.

Coming to class is a beautiful way to learn yoga, look after yourself, evolve and grow, take time to be fully present and being part of a growing community of people who realises that change take place starting with ourselves.

Restorative yoga:

It has been said that this style of yoga is “counter cultural”, meaning it values resting, taking our time, tuning in, slowing right down. The students in this class are fully supported by “props”, like blankets, cushions, bolsters…in order to achieve a high level of comfort and safety so the body, mind can relax, feel safe and open. It is not as easy as it looks at first glance though, because we really learn to consciously relax ( as opposed to collapse) and we train the mind to stay focused and present to this process of relaxation. In a word, this style of yoga is pretty blissful. When is the last time you took time to stop and deeply tune in and rest ?

This practice has numerous benefits like:

  • Bringing a sense of balance in body and mind
  • Restore the body
  • Helps relieve stress, tension, anxiety
  • Helps regain more mobility and openness in the body
  • Helps gives a profound sense of calm and peace
Restorative Yoga

This practice is recommended for everyone going through a lot in their life, recovering after an injury or operation or have limited amount of movement , suffering from high amount of stress, or simply if you want to take time to nourish yourself by taking this time to become more present and aware.

General Class

This class will offer you an experience where you will be invited to connect to all parts of yourselves, your body, mind and emotions. Asanas (postures), will be introduced to challenge, open, stretch, move your body, breathing awareness will be reminded throughout the class and we will finish with a meditation or guided relaxation. This class is for people with some yoga experience.

Benefits of the general class

  • Sense of openness in body and mind and more fluidity
  • Deeper sense of calm
  • Learning to become curious about yourself
  • Renewed sense of contentment and happiness!
  • Stronger, more stable bodies
  • Better posture
  • Improved capacity of breathing

Yin Yang Class with Lisa Monday night 6.00pm:

A yoga class where half of the time will be about creating some yang, dynamic energy and the other half will be about inviting a slower, more introverting Yin energy by holding postures for longer period of time. The Benefits of this practice is a sense of physical and emotional balance.

Active Flow Yoga with Bailee Thursday 5.30pm

An active Flow class is a faster and quite dynamic yoga class, where you move from postures to postures in accordance to your breath.

Benefits of a flow class :

  • increase to your endurance and stamina.
  • boost your immune system
  • helps you bend so you don’t break !
  • helps regulate hormone
  • increase concentration and focus
  • improve the way you breath
  • improve overall energy level
  • 🙂 will bring a smile on your face…

Bailee is young, has a great energy and will share her passion for yoga with you.

Bailee Ryan
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