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Yoga at the BeachOur yoga classes are a mix of traditional yoga and other influences. Yoga being far more than a physical practice, we tend to focus on the more philosophical aspect of yoga and how yoga can help you achieve a better or truer  version of yourself that is balanced in body, mind, emotion and spirituality.

The style is more of a Hatha style of yoga. We vary between holding postures and flowing from one to the next, creating a sense a balance in the body and the mind. All classes are sequenced so all parts of the body are moved, ,energy is being circulated and  paying particular attention to the spine. Because our classes are small, we can really look after our students and guide them towards a deeper sense of wellbeing. The classes are generally divided in three parts, postures, breathing and meditation and guided relaxation. The principles of yoga are taught in class, helping students get a bigger picture of living a more mindful life, honouring their bodies and teaching them to steady their mind. We are passionate teachers whose intention it to share yoga and their life transforming benefits with you.

Coming to class is a beautiful way to learn yoga, look after yourself, evolve and grow, take time to be fully present and being part of a growing community of people who realises that change take place starting with ourselves.

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