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I have been attending Nadine’s yoga classes for over 10 years now. She is a calm and insightful teacher and classes always leave me feeling relaxed but rejuvenated. I can credit Yoga for helping me to be a calmer person and to cope with life’s stresses. I enjoy taking onboard the yoga philosophy that Nadine teaches and putting them into practice in my life. It has also made an enormous difference to my back pain from scoliosis so much so that I rarely need treatment for it now.

Nadine’s yoga classes are one of the best I’ve attended. I was introduced to her by a friend and I haven’t stopped going since. I’ve learned so much and the biggest benefit is it helps to slow the mind, which in effect, allows for better concentration and you become more control of your life. You learn to ignore all unnecessary matters. I come out feeling more enlightened. And I love how she pushes us beyond our boundaries and I always feel I’ve had a good work out and feeling more calm after relaxation.

The classes are wonderful, thank you. A gentle and easy way to get back into our yoga practice. Cherie has led us very gently through the first two weeks, we are all feeling so much better in our selves already.

Nadine is an amazing, focused and enthusiastic yoga teacher, willingly shares the light and spirit, making the class a special place to be ! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and energy. I enjoy all my yoga sessions at your wonderful studio.

Amazing combination of massage & stretching, felt incredible, body loved it!! Some great techniques for gentle mobilization of areas impossible to achieve on your own!! Nadine’s intuitive skills reflect in her practice. Highly recommend. I’ll be back for more!!

I have had the opportunity to attend Nadine’s yoga classes this year and I enjoy her teaching very much . The studio is a tranquil haven and it’s a special place.This week I booked to have a massage and found the experience quite unlike any massage I have had before . Nadine explains the Body work philosophy and practise well before she starts and moves your body in such a way that it is almost like a yoga workout that she does on you . It’s hard to describe but the benefits are many . You leave feeling stretched and blissed out . I would highly recommend her massage and look forward to next time !

Love the way Nadine teaches, it makes you feel truly connected. I love the way she starts most classes with a thought, or something new she has spent time researching in order to share it with us, for our benefit.

I feel grateful to have found Nadine and her yoga classes, they are different from other ones I have been to and I highly recommend Kiwi Yoga to anyone interested in an inspiring yoga class where you learn to feel fully connected!

Nadine is one of the best yoga teachers I have been to in 17 years of yoga practice. She has a theme each week, begins each class talking about the areas her class will cover and has a good balance for beginners and experienced people alike. I come away each week having learnt something new, both physically and spiritually.

Nadine is a beautiful genuine human being who is truly passionate about sharing the love and joy of yoga.

Nadine's massage adds stretching to the more usual massage techniques. Particularly vigilant about the balance of the body, Nadine strives to connect the different parts of our body to achieve a feeling of perfect unity at the end of her care. Many parts of the body are rarely used daily. Nadine's massage helps to find mobility and balance in a real sensation of general well-being. Nadine thank you for this moment of healing and meeting with myself: it's good to take care of myself through this massage.

I always look forward to Nadine’s classes. She’s so gentle and i always feel no pressure to achieve perfect yoga poses. She has inspired me to continue doing and consistently practice yoga but always, always listen to my body! I quite like that, for a new beginner like me. It inspires confidence in me to try and see where I think my limits are but also challenges me to do more when I think I can.

In her classes Nadine is authentic and approachable, she teaches from the heart. Nadine embraces and shares the true meaning of yoga. She has created a real sense of community, by encouraging us in our own practice and taking yoga off the mat and into the world. She regularly updates her knowledge and she shares this in her interesting and well thought out classes. We also get to challenge ourselves in a safe environment. I am so grateful my path crossed with Nadine.

Lisa's Yin Yang class. Great class, I have been going for over a year. Lisa’s happy personality and wise words create a calm and relaxing environment for the class. She plays gentle music for the duration of the class and provides different options for people who would like a challenge that day. I really enjoy this being part of my week

I had the fortune to have a Yoga massage with Nadine a couple weeks ago. I found this massage to be very therapeutic as I have moderate Parkinson Disease. Nadine was very professional and explained as to what she was doing throughout the massage. When the massage was over I felt very relaxed and found that I was quite aware of my mobility as I am not what you would call very flexible. I would like to repeat this massage frequently in the future.

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