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Zenthai Massage:

Zenthai bodywork is about helping people feel nurtured, stretched and balanced. This fully clothed massage happens at ground level on a mat. Working through the 5 Chinese elements (earth, metal, water, wood and fire) as well as the body’s energetic pathways and their associated organs. Your body will be moved to create freedom where there is tightness or constriction, resulting in a deep sense of relaxation and energetic flow.

About Nadine:

To become a massage therapist has been on my mind for many years. When a close friend and fellow Yoga teacher invited Gwyn Williams from Australia to teach an introduction into Zenthai Shiatsu Massage workshop, I went along with a curious mind. Through this workshop, I met people and a practice that strongly resonated with me. I discovered the therapeutic effects of a conscious touch and heart centred approach to massage.

Two years later, I embarked on another Zenthai adventure, attending an immersive teacher training with Gwyn in Bali. It was eye and heart opening, as well as challenging. I learned about Chinese medicine, body work, elemental yoga as well as body and mind connections. 

Massage Testimonials

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